The sibling team of Nik Panagopoulos and Artie Antoniades are back in Sandy Springs!

Having solidified themselves in the Sandy Springs community for the past 10 years with Tin Can Fish House and Teela Taqueria, they are excited to bring their European flare to this breakfast and lunch concept, reminiscent of the Deli cafés from their Greek and South African heritage.

With input from top interior design firm, Sims Patrick Studio, the space has been transformed into an attractive contemporary yet inviting dining spot with warm teal walls and modern accents.
Diners entering the Apron + Ladle will be greeted by the whiff of freshly brewed illy Italian coffee and seasoned baristas serving a selection of cappuccinos, lattes and espressos.

The ever creative, brother sister team wanted to bring a twist on your regular breakfast fare by introducing gourmet filled biscuits to Sandy Springs – think Pork Belly topped with a poached egg and red eye gravy or Spicy Chicken Benedict. Of course, lighter fare such as Avo toast and Chia Pudding are part the delectable breakfast selection, while lunch is a balance of deli sandwiches such as hot pastrami on rye with large and huge sizes, and lighter fare such as the ever popular curried chicken salad sandwich on a croissant.

Apron + Ladle offers the best of both worlds – join your friends and be served in the main dining room or for those in a hurry, or who prefer a more casual setting, pop into the adjacent café with complimentary Wi-Fi and internet connection and grab coffee and a pastry.

The children’s menu has also been crafted with thought and an emphasis on healthy choices, including Turkey and Cheese sandwiches and Seed Butter and Banana Quesadilla with apple slices.